How to Charge Your Phone Faster

Smartphones are awesome, we have mentioned this number of times, but they’ve got a problem, their battery drains very quickly.
grey How to Charge Your Phone Faster

In this post, we will talk about how to charge your phone faster.

Turn off your phone while charging

This is probably the most known thing about making your phone charge faster, but hardly people use this tip. When your phone is switched off, it doesn’t require any power to so all that power can be saved to the battery. Doing this can make your phone charge in half the time it takes for charging while turned on.

Switch to Airplane Mode to charge your phone faster

Another tip is to turn your phone to Airplane mode if you really won’t want to turn off the phone. Airplane mode is something where your phone turns off all the wireless connections, be it Wi-Fi, Data, Signal Reception etc so the phone consumes less power, which makes it charge faster than usual.

Charge Your Phone via AC Adapter instead of USB

Phones these days have the ability to charge via USB when connected to Computers, but these USB slots offer a very low voltage to power any USB device, it does charge your phone but due to the low current offered by a Computer to the USB slot, it takes longer than usual to charge up the phone, thus, it is recommended to charge your phone from a wall outlet rather than the USB slot on your Laptop.

USB on Macbook charges phones faster than the USB on PC

If you happen to charge your phone via USB slot on your laptop, you should be aware that Macbook can charge up your phone faster than the PCs. This is because Macbook offers more current to their USB slots which will result in fast charging of your phones.

Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging

The real reason your smartphone’s battery dies is because you use it, same thing applies while it is charging, stop using your phone while it is plugged in so that it charges up faster than the usual. Meanwhile, you can have some fun offline while your phone is charging.

Do not overcharge your phone

Avoid keeping your phone plugged in for the purpose of keeping it charged up 100%. This affects the battery of your phone and it becomes weak.

Try charging your phone with USB 3.0

The new laptops are coming with USB 3.0, though it is rare, but find it out, because USB 3.0 can give more current to your phone (some 2x than USB 2.0). Which will result in making your phone charge faster.

Charge Your Phone to 100% once a week

You should charge your phone to 100% at least once a week and let the battery drain to 0%. This will keep the battery in proper charging cycle. A battery has a capacity to charge up a certain number of times. This helps to get more out of your phone’s battery.

Use a high voltage charger to speed up the charging

As I stated above that USB 3.0 offers more current than USB 2.0, hence it makes the charging faster, you can use a high voltage charger to charge your phone faster. For example, your phone came with a 900mA charger and you have got another charger that has 2100mA, you can use the 2nd charger to speed up the charging process.