Windows Vocabulary

Today's technology tip is about those little buttons and icons that you see every day but may not know the name of.  For example how many of these items can you point to on your desktop right now?

Maximize        Minimize       Close
The Start Menu         Title Bar       Menu Bar
Tool Bar      Address Bar       A Drop Down Menu


Were you able to locate all of them?

Move down the page to see the answers.


menu1              menu2 
menu3       menu4
There is a whole vocabulary that goes with using a computer.  Many of us take knowing basic computer vocabulary for granted but it can be very intimidating for new computer users.  This goes for young children as well as adults.  Take a look at the images above.  How many of the names did you know?

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  At the end of the day today come back to this website and try pointing to everything again.  Good Luck.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more try searching the internet for:

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