Take a Picture of Your Screen

Everyone has had their computer go a little crazy on them.  You know those boxes that pop up with messages like “imminent failure” and “contact your network administrator.”  Today's tip is about the quickest way to communicate those error messages to others who might not believe what you’re saying.  Just take a "screen shot" and email it to them.  Here’s how it’s done: 
Simply press CTRL and Print Scrn/SysRq
in the upper right hand corner of your keyboard:

You have now taken a picture of your screen.  Now you could open a blank email and paste it in by pressing CTRL and the letter V at the same time.   
(hint taking screen shots like this and then editing them in a simple program like Paint is how we make the directions in many of these Technology Tips)

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try emailing a screen shot of your desktop to yourself today.  If that doesn't work try pasting a screen shot of your desktop into a blank word document and print it out. 

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about using Microsoft Windows and making screenshots try searching the internet for:

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