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Android market share 67%,
the winner of tablets market in 2013 Q2

In the second quarter of 2013, Android dominates tablet sales, reaching 67% of 51.7 million, which is approximately 34.6 million. While Apple's iOS declines to only 28.3%, 14.6 million. As to Windows, it has only 4.5% of market share.
Tablet Market Share

Nowadays, there are so many electronics to choose. People have phones,tablets, PC and so on. To smartphones, it seems that there are only two famous brands people prefer, Apple and Samsung. To tablets, according to Strategy Analytics, Android system is now developing fast and stable. Apple has no products in iPad so it stumbles in the last quarter. Definitely, there is a fundamental difference between Android and Apple tablets because there are some manufacturers which produce Android devices, such as Acer, Amazon, ASUS, Samsung, Google and so on. Strategy Analytics also points out, 2012 Q2 saw the launch of the iPad with Retina Display, which could explain why Apple's shipments were higher last year than this year.

As to Microsoft, it launched its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets in October and February, respectively, made a slight dent in the tablet market by moving 2.3 million units, bringing Redmond's total tablet market share to 4.5 percent. Microsoft's share may increase further, albeit for a brief period, due to the company's decision to slash prices on its Surface RT.
Though Android ranks first and Apple stumbles, there is no doubt they have to research and produce new products to meet customers' needs. Whatever Android and iOS devices launch the rest of this year, it is clear mobile is still hot, and that means more and more workers will be bringing their own devices to work. This trend will no doubt continue, and disruption will still be the rule in the enterprise.
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