Making Sound Adjustments in Windows XP

Did you ever sit down at a computer that had the sound turned way up?  Ever wanted to hear something on the computer but you couldn’t because the volume was turned down too low?  Here’s what to do when you judge the sound on your computer to be wrong.

Go to the “Task Bar” at the bottom of your desktop screen.  Look for the little gray speaker symbol on the right hand side and left click on it.
sound2This icon should appear on your screen and give you the opportunity to change your sound level or mute it by checking the “MUTE” box at the bottom.

For a more speaker options you could right click on the speaker symbol in the Task Bar.  Then select “Open Volume Control” to make adjustments to this menu:

If you only have the speaker that is in the computer to work with (no external speakers) the sound quality is probably pretty low already.  Making adjustments to this menu might not be of any use to you.
PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Click on the sound icon and try adjusting the volume all the way up and all the way down until you find a level you’re most comfortable with.
TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about adjusting the sound on your computer, adding and controlling external speakers, or what all those options are on the volume control search the internet for: