Making a Comment in MS Word

Did you ever want to mark up a Word document without having to print it out?  This tip will show you how to insert a comment into a Word document.
  1. Highlight the text that you'd like to make a comment about.
  2. Go to "Insert" on the menu bar and select "Comment"comment in word 1
  3. A red box will appear where you can type in your comment:
    commentin word 2
  4. When you are done typing your comment just click somewhere else in the document to get out of the red box.
    comment in word 3If your comment disappears right after you click out of the red box all you have to do is look on the menu bar for "View" then "Toolbars" and then "Reviewing."  On the reviewing toolbar look for "Show" and select "Comments."

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try adding a comment to a Word document sometime today.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more about inserting comments in a Word document try searching the internet for:
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