Inserting Symbols in MS Word

You'll never find these symbols on your keyboard.  So how do you get them into your next Microsoft Word document?
1)  Go to the spot on your page where you want the symbol to appear
2)      Go to “Insert” on the menu bar and select “Symbol” from the menu
Insert symbols
3)      Select the symbol you want from the list and click on it and then click “Insert”
 You can insert symbols into Outlook emails, PowerPoints and Publisher files the same way.

One more bonus technology tip for you: 
Here’s the quick way to make a © symbol: 

just type (c) and it will appear.  Try it!

If you are working in a newer version of Word try following the directions in this video:

Featured Youtube Video
Word 2010 - Insert Symbols - Microsoft Office 2010 Training

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try inserting a symbol into your next word document or email.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To find out more about inserting symbols try searching the internet for:
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