How to Setting a message for follow-up in Outlook

Answering emails regularly is getting to be important.  Inevitably some emails are getting lost on the Inbox List.  Here's a way to mark an email for follow-up later:

1)  Right click on an important email
2)  Select "Follow Up" from the list that appears:
follow-up email 1

3)  In the next window choose "Follow Up"
follow-up email 2
4)  In "Due by:" select the date when you need to follow up, on the drop down menu next to that you can select a specific time when you need to follow up.
5)  Click "OK"
On you Inbox list the email you have "flagged" will now have a little red flag next to it.  When the due by time arrives you'll be reminded of the email again.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  If you use Outlook for your email try setting an email for follow-up today.  If you use another system see if it has a similar feature.

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