How to Forward Email Online

Ever get an email that has to do with something that isn’t going to happen for a few days.  Like a message about a meeting next week or when a fire drill is taking place.  You know its important but you forget to put it in your plan book or add it to your calendar.  As a result the email just sits there in your Inbox and it’s forgotten.  Wouldn’t it be great if that email would just automatically jump back to the top of your Inbox list on the day it was actually relevant?  Well here’s how to get it to do just that.  Here's how to  forward an email to yourself in Microsoft Outlook:

1)      Right click on the email you want to forward in your Inbox and select “Forward” from the list:
2)      Type your email address in the “TO:” line
3)      Click on Forward an Email 1 in the tool bar
4)      Set the time when you want the email to be delivered to you:
Forward an Email 2
5)      Click send button

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  If you use Microsoft Outlook try forwarding an important email to yourself today.  If you don't have Outlook try searching through the email system that you use for a similar option.

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