How to automatically sign your Email

Somewhere in your inbox you probably have several emails that had the nicest looking signatures at the bottom of them. Today’s technology tip will tell you how you can have a signature line automatically added to every email you send.  This tip is for Microsoft Outlook but there are similar features available in most other email systems.

1) Go to "Tool" on the menu bar and select "Options" from the bottom of the list.

2) Select the tab for "Mail Format" and then select "Signatures" from the bottom of that window:
Outlook Options Signatures
3) Click "New" and then type in the name for your new signature, then click "Next"
Making a signature in outlook
4) Type in the signature you'd like to have appear at the bottom of every email you send. Then make changes to the font, size and color using the buttons at the bottom of the box (see below). In this example I changed George Washington to a font called "Script " and made it 24 pts. Click "Finish" when you are done.
Making a signature in Outlook
5) Check and make sure your new signature appears next to "Signature for new messages"

You might also set it for "Signature for replies and forwards."
Choosing a signature in Outlook

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try changing your email signature sometime today.

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