How to add shortcut to Desktop

Today's technology tip is all about using shortcuts on your computer.  First, what do we mean by shortcuts.  You may have noticed them on your desktop and in folders.  You might click on them to start programs and open files.  They are icons that have a little arrow symbol in the lower left hand corner like the desktop shortcut to the 180 Technology Tips website on the right.
The purpose of a shortcut it to literally give you a shortcut to something on the computer.  For example a desktop shortcut to the 180 Technology Tips website can be used to take you directly to a website without having to open Internet Explorer (or whatever web browser you use).  Just double click on the shortcut and off you go.  Here's how to  make a shortcut to a website:
Go to the website you want to make a shortcut to.  Right Click somewhere on the website and select "Make a Shortcut" from the menu that appears:
tech tips icon 2

Besides making desktop shortcuts to your favorite websites you can also make shortcuts to folders and programs on your computer.  Find a program or folder you'd like to have a desktop shortcut for.  Right click on that file or program icon and select "Create Shortcut" from the menu that appears.  You can place the shortcut anyplace you want it, in a folder or on the desktop.  For example, you could make a desktop shortcut to your "My Documents" folder:\
The next box that appears will inform you that a shortcut icon to this website will be placed on your desktop.
my documents
Please note than in many network environments you may not be able to make any changes to your desktop.  In most schools this option has been blocked for both students and staff.  But you can still make shortcuts in your folders.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try making a shortcut to the 180 Technology Tips website sometime this morning.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about making and using shortcuts try searching the internet for:
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