Best Free Image Tools for iPad

 (27.3 MB), view a series of most distinctive and provocative photographs appearing in the center spread of the Guardian newspaper each day, with photo captions, Pro tips and features for saving photos as favorites and sharing them via email, Twitter and Facebook.  

Best Free Image Editor for iPad
 (24.5 MB), a capable and powerful photo editing app which is good for both professionals and amateurs. It's easy to use at your fingertips, either swipe left and right on top of the photo to adjust what a filter does, or swipe up and down to gain more controls of the filters.  

 (35.9 MB), edit photos on your iPad easily—touch to crop, rotate, adjust exposure, saturation, tint, black and white or contrast, and add artistic effects or borders, then save them or upload to Facebook or Nice interface but no resizer is included. 

 (19.7 MB), adding special effects to your photos is as easy as you count one, two, three—snap a photo from the camera or select one from the library, then choose a color filter, a lighting effect and a good frame from the many choices included, and save or share your cool-looking photo with friends.  

Best Free Paint Program for iPad
 (4.4 MB), a drawing app with many advanced features including customizable soft and hard brushes, blend and blur, layer controls, zoomable paintings, mixing colors and an eyedropper tool. You can save your paintings to Photo Library or share them via email or social networks. 

Best Free Image Generator for iPad
 (27.7 MB), put your face into original photo portraits, add eyeglasses, beards or a hat, and turn yourself into a person from the 1940's or 1970's, then save or share your creations through emails or social networks. It's quick and easy. 

Best Free Doodle Pad for iPad
 (13.5 MB), add doodles, stamps or text to your photos or other backgrounds you chose, then save or send them to your friends and relatives. It's rich in features as you can draw with multiple fingers, pick a color and select a pen type or size you like, undo or shake your iPad to clear. Have fun!