Top 10 WordPress forum plugins

WordPress forum plugins help users to build forums with their self hosted WordPress blogs. Forums help site owners driving more visitors to their sites because most of internet users want to discuss about their favorite topics, so they love to join online discussion forums. If you offer a community to your site visitors where they can talk about their favorite topics, you can build more repeated visitors easily. In this article, you can see top 10 WordPress forum plugins which help bloggers to build online discussion forums easily.

WordPress Plugins For Forums

1. bbPress - bbPress is one of the most popular WordPress forum plugins which can help you to build a perfect forum with your blog. The plugin will add many useful features which can help you to make your forum easily. bbPress creates easy to use forum for your site readers so that they can discuss about their interests easily by using your forum.

2. Simple-Press - Simple-press offers powerful WordPress plugin to build fully featured forum. Simple-press integrates tons of features to your WordPress blog with easy to use interface. Simple-Press  comes with some pre-designed forum templates.

3. Vanilla Forums - Vanilla is one of the most popular forum software on the internet which is used by many popular blogs. Vanilla also offers WordPress plugin to embed your vanilla forum with your self hosted WordPress blog.

4. WP Forum Server - WP Forum Server is a complete forum system for your WordPress blog. One of the best WordPress forum plugins which help bloggers to add discussion forums on their WordPress blogs.

5. WP Mingle - WP Mingle is a social networking plugin which can be used to build online community with discussion option. One of best most useful forums which can turn your simple WordPress blog into a social network like Facebook or Linkedin where people can make friends, discuss about their interested topics and share their thoughts .

6. Forums - Forums is a useful WordPress forum plugin that adds myBB bulletin board software to your WordPress site.

7. BuddyPress - One of the most downloaded community plugins for WordPress sites. It can help you to add social networking features to your WordPress site so that, you can build powerful online community for your small business, company or web service.

8. WP Forum Latest Posts - WP Forum Latest Posts is a useful forum plugin that shows the latest posts from your WP Forum. The plugin comes with some options so that you can customize your preferences.

9. Embeddable Forums - One of the easiest ways to create forum on WordPress system. You can create easy to use forum to increase user engagement on your site. This WordPress forum plugin comes with many useful features which can help you to build a powerful discussion board  on your blog.

10. Bublaa Embeddable Forums - Useful WordPress forum plugin to create beautiful forum with WordPress blog. Bublaa Embeddable Forums adds automatically powerful forum with nice user interface. The plugin comes with lots of options.